The Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission (BHRC) along with the Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding last February 16, 2023.

From the BHRC, the members of the panel that signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) were Chairperson Atty. Abdul Rashid P. Kalim and Commissioner Archie U. Buaya, MPA, while from the HRVVMC, Chief History Researcher Patrick I. Claudio, MPA, and Executive Director Carmelo Victor A. Crisanto signed the same.

The MOU is intended to jointly memorialize and document the cases of human rights violations in the BARMM. A collaborative effort in championing such a cause is a huge milestone for both the BHRC and the HRVVMC in resolving the cases of human rights violations.

This Memorandum of Understanding empowers both BHRC and HRVVMC to take concrete actions together in addressing the cases of human rights violations. This form of agreement creates more approaches and opportunities for both Commissions to address issues along the process of documentation and memorialization.

Finally, the MOU further entails capacity-building engagements and initiatives that include training on Oral Historiography. This also prompts both Commissions to prioritize archiving and indexing of essential and sensitive information relevant to human rights cases.