On this day, we commemorate the Jabidah Massacre which occurred in 1968. This day is now recognized as the “Bangsamoro Day” by the Bangsamoro Government, marking the anniversary of the tragic event where Moro recruits were killed for protesting against the covert intent of the Oplan Merdeka.

We must acknowledge that the Jabidah Massacre is just one of many historical injustices committed against the Bangsamoro people. The pain and suffering inflicted upon the victims and their families continue to reverberate through generations, and we must not forget the sacrifices they have made.

This day serves as a reminder of the importance of recognizing the painful past and honoring the sacrifices of the victims and their families. We must NEVER FORGET the atrocities that were committed, and we must strive towards justice and reparation for the Bangsamoro people.

As the human rights component of the transitional justice mechanism, we condemn the Jabidah Massacre and continue to seek justice and reparation for the Bangsamoro people. As we remember the Jabidah Massacre and all those who suffered from it, we must commit to creating a future where such tragedies are prevented and NEVER AGAIN committed. We must work tirelessly to prevent such atrocities and ensure that the human rights of the Bangsamoro people are respected and upheld.

On this day, let us renew our commitment to upholding human rights and ending impunity for all crimes committed against the Bangsamoro people. May this day serve as a catalyst for a just and peaceful future for all, In Shaa Allah.