Jumada Al Akhirah 20, 1444 AH / January 13, 2022 – The Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission celebrated its 3rd Founding Anniversary on January 13, 2023, shortly after the conclusion of its Strategic Planning Activity.

Being the first institution created by the Bangsamoro Parliament, it can be recalled that the Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission was operationalized by the Bangsamoro Autonomy Act No. 4, otherwise known as the “Bangsamoro Human Rights Act of 2019,” which was passed by the Bangsamoro Parliament on December 20, 2019, and was signed by Chief Minister Ahod Balawag Ebrahim on January 14, 2022.

The celebration was in commemoration of the accomplishments and challenges encountered by the Commission in the previous years of serving the people of the Bangsamoro.

The anniversary witnessed the ever-present and hardworking employees that established a sense of competency, camaraderie, and unity inside the Commission.

Chairperson Kalim along with the honorable Commissioners Buaya and Baguinda-Dambong expressed heartfelt remarks of gratitude and above-head expectations for the employees.

In retrospect, Commissioners Buaya and Baguinda-Dambong gave their messages stating that the event unraveled the potential goals the Commission had been conceptualizing in the recent past. In addition, the former said that the aim to uplift the condition of every person in BARMM is etched in the system of human rights to battle the effects of the Bangsamoro struggle.

Chairperson Kalim promoted the idea of a strong and unified Commission that can go the extra mile for service and success.  He added that establishing a deep sense of trust is a must for a much stronger Commission.  In addition, he also said that at the end of the activity, everyone shall proceed to actualize the programs planned and formulated out of the event’s duration.

The anniversary was a manifestation of unity and how it is being nurtured by time. The same concluded on a great note of service commemoration, strengthened workforce, and celebration of good memories and impactful experiences that would largely contribute to the effective delivery of services for the Bangsamoro human rights.