Starting the year on the right track was the primary goal of the Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission with the implementation of the BHRC Strategic Planning Activity for the Implementation of the 2023 Programs, Activities, and Projects. This was recently conducted on January 9 – 13, 2023, and was held at the Acacia Hotel, Davao City.

The event was attended by various employees from different Divisions and Provincial Offices of the Commission. This includes the Promotion, Protection, and Administrative and Finance Divisions, Commission Proper, Office of the Chairperson, Office of the Secretariat of the Commission, and the Maguindanao, Special Geographic Area in North Cotabato and Cotabato City, Lanao del Sur, Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi Provincial Offices.

For the Commission, the main point of strategizing is to finalize and structure the programs, activities, and budget allocations that have been planned from the previous months.

The one-week-long event centered on the presentations and discussions of Work and Financial Plans, Project Procurement Management Plans, Best Practices, and Challenges of the different Provincial Offices and Divisions.

In one of his speeches, Chairman Atty. Abdul Rashid P. Kalim pointed out that planning, coordination, and maximum cooperation are the essential factors that could steer the Commission in the right direction.

Strategic Planning 2023 was the setting of the tone of what would be expected in the year 2023 for the Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission. Kicking off with such an important activity is a vital ritual for any institution as this will serve as a backbone basis for what programs and activities would be prioritized under the current setting of the Bangsamoro.

Subsequently, a rundown of all the discussions and activities was also made to emphasize the crucial matters that should be prioritized after the said event.

The collective members of the Commission vowed to consider and implement all the courses of action they decided to include in their plans and programs with the end in mind of expediting the human rights services that could be given to the Bangsamoro people.

The Strategic Planning Activity concluded with a good and clear understanding of the Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission’s vision and mission as defenders and advocates of human rights within and outside the Bangsamoro Region.