Many beautiful places in Mindanao have started to welcome travelers who want to experience nature at its best. The rich culture of its people is woven into these sights, inviting visitors to an experience like no other.

The Bangsamoro people recognize the importance of an economically stable and socially developed region. Measures are already in place to build confidence in visiting the area especially in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. There are ongoing efforts to actively initiate and support the peace process and provide reintegration mechanisms to welcome everyone back into the community through normalization.

The Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission (BHRC) is in step with all these positive initiatives for peacekeeping, and upholding the rights of the Bangsamoro people to avail of economic developments, including participation of the communities to engage in tourism activities.

BHRC enjoins people to uplift others. Thus, we decry the irresponsible statements that give the false impression that Mindanao is ‘unsafe,’ as there are unfavorable economic consequences of these uncalled-for statements that can deprive people and communities of the opportunities for inclusive development, clearly a violation of their inherent human rights.

In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, BHRC encourages everyone to verify their facts before publishing, tweeting, or making statements that can be detrimental to the image of Mindanao and its people.