The Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission (BHRC) strongly condemns the death of Amier Mangacop, a nineteen-year-old Grade 9 student of Davao City, who was reportedly shot seven (7) times by non-uniformed personnel and a doctor of the Police Regional Office – Davao.

We remind that no life or liberty shall be taken without due process of law and that primary duty bearers, which include personnel and members of the police force, are duty-bound to protect individuals, peoples, and no less than the youth, from acts or omissions by government or non-government actors that would constitute human rights violations or abuses.

Hence, as the human rights institution of the Bangsamoro, the BHRC calls for justice for the death of Amier Mangacop. We call on the Police Regional Office of Davao and other relevant agencies for an impartial, speedy, non-discriminatory, fair, just, and prompt investigation of the death of Amier Mangacop.

May this statement evoke the entire Bangsamoro Government to condemn the death of the victim, provide the appropriate assistance with this Commission to the family of Amier Mangacop, and ensure that appropriate charges are filed against the perpetrator when warranted.

The BHRC cannot let this matter come to pass without justice.